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Tooth decay to the timely filling

    long procrastinate to be not treated is harmful to Dental disease. Small cavities in its development, and then trigger pulposis, periapical diseases, at that moment it not only requires repeated treatment, often accompanied by pain. But some people suffer due to ignore the small hole, they fear of dental problems, or the pain of dental and after dental .

    "Tooth filling" is Commonly known as filling operation in the oral medicine, is the main method for termination of tooth decay, repair tooth shape, so as to restore function. Specific steps to remove the bad tooth tissue by drilling, and prepared into the hole, then, with filling material sin to restore its original shape and function.    Why "Tooth filling" the sooner the better?
    If you suffer from tooth decay should be as early as possible repair, because after repair the worm hole can prevent the development of caries lesions, the function of teeth early recovery, will keep a complete dentition.
    If not treated in time, disease will be more and more severe,from shallow caries to deep caries development. It stimulates the sensitive to cold /hot and sour food; when the injury reach to pulp, it causes pulpitis, the toothache will very serious; when the lesion further development, will cause the periapical periodontitis, root periapical abscess,and osteomyelitis of the jaws, teeth deletion. Dental cariesor and loss will affect chewing, aggravating gastric burden,finally affect our health. Moreover, a large amounts of bacteria and pus in the tooth decay, which is a potential lesion may cause sepsis or sepsis, when the human body resistance to decline . "Tooth filling" can terminate the occurrence and development of these lesions , so the risk of dental caries should be filling the sooner the better.
    In addition, due to clinical manifestation, caries are divided into primary caries and secondary caries. Acute caries is a kind of primary caries, its lesion progression is quickly. In children or young people, lesions of the tooth tissue is light in color, texture is soft and moist. pulp tissue will not or rarely formed reparative dentin due to the fast lesions, so vulnerable to infection, then the dental pulp disease occurs. At the same time, children with caries are hard to chew food, hinder the digestion and absorption of food. Due to the decline of masticatory forces, the effect in its stimulating jaw growth declines. Patients have radio therapy on the face and neck,and sjogren syndrome patients, as well as patients due to other causes reduce the secretion of saliva, the dental caries development of these patients is swift and violent, and often involving the majority tooth, called fierce primary caries. For this kind of patient should accept the dental treatment as soon as possible , to prevent the rapid development of dental caries.
  People now use Molar machines , which are high speed turbine. it ups to tens of hundreds to hundreds of thousands turns per minute, the drill is the lynx drill, small cavities can be grinding drill quickly, the patient will not feeling pain . But in the treatment of larger or deeper caries, although the machine speed and cutting ability have no difference, but due to the destruction of periodontal tissue, the exposed dentin is much, dentin allergy symptoms are more obvious, and more close to the dental pulp cavity, the pain become worse. If carieshas affected the dental pulp inflammation, then pulp cavity must be drilled to have a endodontic treatment, medical terminology called "pulp". and the pulp is more drama ache, often need to give anesthetic. In addition, it needs further treatment, time-consuming and laborious, the cost is also higher. Therefore,the doctor propose to regularly check the mouth, early detection of dental caries, early treatment.    Why teeth filling sometimes needs several times to complete?
    When filling teeth, all patients hope just do it at one time. Patients have superficial caries, caries or some deeper caries, when remove the caries bad organization,with no symptoms of toothache,can be immediately implement the filling method. If the deep caries patients have symptoms of toothache,when removed the caries bad organization, no matter feel spontaneous pain,should implement delayed filling method. In this case, teeth filling cannot be finished at one time.
  Immediately filling method is immediately filling after the ready hole , before filling,it must first uses  little irritating drugs for disinfection(such as camphor phenol, phenol, caryophyllic acid) ; if the bottom without carious dentin,it is available to use Zinc Oxide eugenol cement cover a layer, then use zinc phosphate cement powder pad a layer at the bottom, finally use the permanent materials filling(such as composite resin ). Delayed filling method uses drug seal in the bottom, observes 7 ~ 10 days after seal medicine temporarily , if have no symptoms, dental pulp vitality test appears normal, then start refilling.
  This method is suitable for bottom hole with a small amount of bad organizers. If it appears mild symptoms after sealing medicine , then seal medicine observe for 3months, the symptoms disappeared, dental pulp vitality test is normal,then cap the pulp and filling. If it appears severe symptoms after sealing medicine, and have spontaneous pain; or without symptoms after seal medicine , then the symptom is aggravating when observe for 3 months, it shall open dental pulp, accept the pulp disease treatment. If caries development into pulp, periapical diseases, treatment is more complex. Therefore,sometimes teeth filling cannot be finished at one time.    Why toothache occurs after teeth filling?
    Some people do not want to have teeth filling, because the tooth pain happened after filling.   Toothache sometimes occurs after dental treatment,probably under the following circumstances. when understanding the reason , you don't have to worry about the pain of dental disease treatment .
    The first reason, due to the treatment requirement,make dental pulp inactivate (commonly known as kill nerve).Due to the drug effects ,toothache occurs in the the same day or next day after inactivation, but the pain is not very severe and will not last a long time.
    The second reason, in the process when prepared cavity or caused by disinfection drugs stimulate dental pulp, short-term cold and hot stimulation pain may occurs, in this situation does not need special treatment, after1 ~ 2 days the general can recover.
    The third reason, cavity is deeper, liner material used is too thin, can not cut off the hot and cold stimulation which conducted by silver amalgam, then the cold and heat  symptoms emerge. This requires thickened the base material before filling.
    Why stimulated pain or spontaneous pain happen after teeth filling, may be caused by some chemical stimulates pulp or root tip tissue in the filling material, it also may be caused by incomplete pulp devitalization. The long-term pain often caused by secondary caries with pulpitis, at this time should have pulp sedation according to the real situation. When the teeth caries has not spread to the dental pulp tissue,but is close to the dental pulp cavity, and in the removal of carious rot organization, the tooth is very sensitive,sometimes accompanied by mild pain; or in daily life, when encounter cold, heat, acid, sweet, stimulation, teeth pain appears. "Appease treatment" is a kind of treatment which is to alleviate and eliminate the symptoms, but do not damage the pulp tissue. If occlusal pain emerges in the recent, filling material too high , premature contact occlusion is the main reason.After adjusting for a few days, it will return to normal.
    In a word, in addition to doctors told the patients temporary toothache may appears (such as dental pulp deactivation),other filling toothache circumstances appear after dental treatment should go to see the dentist, so as to find out the reasons, accept the timely treatment.