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Full ceramic crown

    Full ceramic crown is also known as porcelain teeth. Full ceramic crown lets you seamlessly beautiful and healthy. We enjoy the beautiful, bright skin, neat and white teeth, which gives people vision of the first impression for the facade . Our teeth plays a role in the senses of smile. When you smile with showing your white teeth and arc smile curve , it can make people happy and cheerful.

    Give thanks to scientific and technological progress, the full ceramic crown and porcelain teeth made by full ceramic system help us with damaged teeth or teeth that need to transform in the form, which replies to the color of the natural teeth.

The difference between full ceramic crown and porcelain fused metal

    porcelain metal crown   full ceramic crown
 Gingival          Aesthetics  It will make the exposed metal teeth edge be black in the mouth after a long time, and release metal ions to the tooth flesh. Tooth flesh will be dyed black  Natural beauty, no metal side and do not need to worry about edge exposes when uses it in a long time
  transparency  Metal is not transparent, can only be replaced by staining, the teeth look whiter   Transparency is comparable to the true teeth
    health  bad metal or people in physical  sensitivity will stimulate the gums to continued inflammation and allergies   Ceramic is a good material for our body, so full ceramic crown contacts the edge of the tooth flesh and will not cause irritation or allergic symptoms.
  Teeth grinding    amount  Much, need to accommodate the space of the metal and ceramic   Less, only need to have ceramic space

The advantages of full ceramic crown:
1.    Dentists with the experience of more than ten years, create your perfect and unique smile with their rich experience.
2.    Water laser to retraction without pain, impression is more comfortable, gums can be more healthy by the biostimulation of water laser.
3.    Full ceramic crown has quality assurance for five years.
4.    Professional technicians to compare color, make you seamlessly beautiful.