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Happy Chinese New Year

    U-Family Dental Clinic has been established by Dr. ZhaoYong and Dr.Crystal Jing Chen (who holds a master degree). These two doctors both graduated from the birthplace of China Modern Stomatology—West China Stomatology College in Sichuan University. 

    It is well-known that U-Family Dental Clinic is a high-standard professional dental clinic in Shenzhen .It spares no effort to provide top quality oral health care .U-Family Dental Clinic provides medical services in 7 kinds of international language (Mandarine/Cantonese, English, Russian, Arabic, India, Bengali and Ukraine language). It can be mentioned that U-Family Dental Clinic has received patients from over 30 countries and regions, especially foreign patients living in Shenzhen, HongKong and Guangzhou. There are also many patients flying directly to the clinic from their countries or other provinces in our country.

    TIPS: Thie spring festival is from Feb. 7th to 10th. The members of U-Family Dental Clinic are expected to come back to work on Feb. 13th. But our clinic will have some dentists on duty during Feb.3rd to 6th and Feb. 11th to 12th .