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Eighth AnniversaryⅡ: Fruitful achievements

    Since the 8th anniversary of the clinic begin, the reception of patients are from more than 30 countries and regions. Clinic provides four international language for consulting and receiving services . Guests are mostly introduced by relatives or friends.The range of general service is for Guangdong and Hong Kong. Frequently, a part of the patients from abroad or outside the province flight to the clinic to see the doctors.

    Clinic attaches great importance to the professional academic. What’s more,clinic is widely recognized at home and abroad in oral clinical professional, the professional nursing and business management. It accepts the outer court medical further studying for a long time. In order to promote technology innovation, referral clinic often deals with other medical establishment of difficult cases of dental implants and accepts oral planting doctors came to learn dental implants all over the world. In addition, clinic carries out the dental implant surgery live for many times. Dental implants have repeatedly published in domestic and foreign trade journals, which got the national and provincial competitions’prizes. Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, root canal therapy cases prized in many cases of professional competition and published in the high level professional magazine.

    Not only that, Dr. Zhao Yong’s dental implant lectures often enter the domestic institutions. More importantly,more of his lectures go abroad.He was invited to host the professional seminars and training activities of more than one hundred outside the clinic.
    In addition to the emphasis on academic, promote technological innovation, the clinic also fulfills her social responsibility and practices the public welfare,which is full of social responsibility.

    We can still remember the Nightingale volunteer nursing service team in Nanshan District provided service in kindergarten when the children innocently smiled;
    We also remember the “love dental” public lecture was popular in the second kindergarten conservatory of Peking University, the Meizhong kindergarten, Organ second kindergarten in Futian district,and Nanshan Xiyuan kindergarten.Young children were curious about the oral knowledge .
Still remember the oral health public lecture in Shenzhen university was very popular to students and the students were passionate and vigorous;
Remember in the community service center, nurse volunteers dressed in a red waistcoat did free clinic examination of figure for the community’s elderly ,which touched people’s hearts;
    Also Remember walking at the grass-roots level to send warm,Nanshan private party of condolences was full of medical care for the Sympathy activities in Spring Festival ...
    The positive mental outlook of clinic is full of vigor and vitality.It practices the public welfare and shows a full sense of social responsibility.