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Eighth Anniversary Ⅲ:Dentistry as art,Cherish each tooth

    Clinic physician teams promote excellence with superb medical skill and a pursuit of " Dentistry such as art" pure heart. It is their advanced equipment, exquisite technology and the concept of science that brings visitors confidence and happiness.
To provide more advanced medical technology to the guests and bring better experience to patient, clinic imported large equipment Meiya oral cone beam CT, digital panoramic machine produced in Finland, the Zumax root canal microscope , German Vista digital dental film machine, German VDW root tube length measuring instrument, VDW root canal warm gutta percha therapeutic instrument, Japan NSK tooth planting machine and Swedish EMS teeth cleaning system. The aim of clinic is that achieving guests of perfect oral with better technology and equipment.

    In addition to the advanced equipment, the clinic also cooperated with the German counterparts. Germany and China worked together to show the dental implants in technology frontier. Minimally invasive implantation is combined with immediate dental implants to achieve functional reconstruction of the oral cavity,which is focusing on effectiveness. With Aesthetic cultivation and seeking the beauty of truth, the implant quietly becomes realistic effects like nature itself beauty.

    In children's dental, clinic brought international leading dental treatment technology, which provide comfortable and painless for the guests, making them be pleasant ,comfortable.Thus children or adults can feel free to complete the dental treatment without afraid.