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Dental contraindication and attention

    Department of Stomatology doctor, please note and tell all colleagues, to ensure the safety of patients.
    One patient at a hospital in Beijing, more than 50 years old, tooth extraction in the afternoon , the history of diabetes patients. In the extraction before, the doctor gave the  Primacaine .A few days later, the patient appeared vision decline, and with the hospital to fight the lawsuit,then hospital took the Primacaine to court .
    The identification result of medical accident: It's the hospital’s medical accident.The causes of the accident are as follows(Reasons of this accident are ):
    1.Diabetes patients with high blood glucose in the afternoon;Taboo tooth extraction;
    2.Primacaine also containing adrenaline,microvascular contraction leads to inadequate blood supply to the retina of the patient, affects the visual acuity.
    Because of the doctor is not familiar with the specific use of anesthetic and extraction taboo, resulting in this patient with vision problem, should be held accountable. Is not the responsibility of Primacaine company.We should taken it as a warning ,and be sure not to despise.
    With the experience of Primacaine:Slow injection, can not be multiple injections; the quantity can't be more , otherwise cause tissue necrosis. High blood pressure, diabetes with caution.
   【Attached】Primacaine (formerly Primacaine) prescribing information
    Drug Name: Articaine adrenaline injection (amide anesthetic)
    This product is compound preparation, consisting of ingredients are: tartaric acid hydrochloride articaine and adrenaline.
   【Dosage】Suitable for adults and over 4 years children and adults :Appropriate dosage of injection according to the needs of operation .For general surgery ,the usual does is 1/2-1. Hydrochloride for the maximum amount not exceeding 7mg/kg weight,children over 4 years old :Must be based on the child's age, weight, type of surgery using different used doses measured in mg children dose can be calculated as follows:The maximum amount does not exceed 5mg / kg body weight, the child's weight (kg) 1.33, the elderly to use half of the adult dose.
    【Contraindication】Allergy to local anesthetics or other ingredients of the product, Patients with severe atrioventricular conduction disorders without a pacemaker,Treated with uncontrolled epilepsy,Porphyria.This product is not recommended in combination with sibutramine.
     Recommended dental patients to choose a professional, qualified dental clinic visits, to avoid the risk of medical security.