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The largest professional clinic

The largest professional clinic, the smallest specialized hospital

    We offer the professional division of “big hospital” and cordial service of”small clinic”.Quality universal health care is not just our basic demands as well as your confident and satisfied smile is also our heartfelt hope.

   Before becoming a dentist, we have also done a dental patient, disliked the cold machine touching our bodies, but also could not help but nervous. Therefore, after being a doctor,we really do with a gentle tone and a friendly attitude, and strive to make every guest feel comfortable when looking at the teeth.

    Kind of back, the dentist team uphold the original intention, to provide specialized integration, with the exquisite quality of service to redefine the people-oriented collaborative treatment.

Cherish every tooth

    Having the opportunity to retain teeth, we must strive to leave it, to provide guests retain the original natural teeth. In order to achieve this goal, clinic not only introduce the top dental microscopes and other medical equipment to aid the treatment, but also focus on assisting and guiding every guest to correct and effective scaling methods to oral health care. Brushing is doing in our daily life, the way of brushing correctly or not will affect the oral health, thus our clinic perform the detailed health education demonstration for each guest, expecting everyone owns a healthy and beautiful good teeth.

Children's dental paradise

    U-family Dental clinic specially build a dedicated children's paradise, the establishment of a child-centered theme clinic make the children happy to interact with the doctors, by exploration, interest, learning, helping,children overcome dental fear and become interested in the health sciences.


    The clinic was founded 8 years ago, most of the guests are willing to constantly introduce relatives and friends to come to visit. In this 300 square feet of space with 6 independent, comfortable consulting room, we will passionately provide the best service for our guests and make them enjoy the personalized and comfortable treatment.

    U-family Dental focus on education and promotion of the health care team, introducing advanced technology.Here doctors are willing to spend more time listening and solving patiently each guest ailments and requirements;Here every proper position are ornaments the works of calligraphy and painting, placed the doctors' carvings, artwork, fulling with elegance, Zen and texture.

    In 2013, U-family Dental have launched Official Accounts (Official Accounts: u-familydental), sharing of professional, public and practical oral health tips and relative medical information timely, at present there are 164 articles, the total reading amount up to 57000. Meanwhile providing instant consulting and more convenient for new and old customers to inquire and make appointments. We hope that through our efforts,make you change the view on the "see a dentist" or "go to the dental" .

    Now, U-family Dental is not only a dental treatment units,but also an experience of life communication, beauty and joy.