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Cause of dental caries formation

    There are four factors in the formation of dental caries: bacteria, food, host (tooth), and time.

    In the human oral cavity,dental plaque or saliva "bacteria", the fermentation of sugars as "food", after metabolism to produce acid, long time contact with the teeth, and destroy the surface of the teeth, the tooth decalcification and caries.As soon as possible mouthwash, brushing and flossing after eating,thoroughly remove food residue, which can get rid of "food" this factor. To reduce dental plaque formation, try to make "bacteria" and "food" insulate. If dental caries occur, you may ask to the dentist regularly and do oral health examination.
Where is easy to suffer from dental caries?
    Usually the tooth surface is not easy to clean, is prone to caries place, such as:
    1. The occlusal surface of teeth groove and slot: such as molar occlusal surface,due to the pit and fissure, bacteria and food debris are trapped easily, and the cleaning behind the gum is not easy, so easy to decay.
    2.Adjacent surface of teeth: teeth adjacent surface where toothbrush to brush, if not by using dental floss to clean, wound attach in plaque on adjacent surfaces, which evolved into dental caries.
    3. Teeth near the gum: held toothbrush at the wrong angle when brushing your teeth, did not brush the junction of the teeth and gums, so it is easy to decay. Adults suffering from periodontal disease caused by gingival recession, the junction is more difficult to clean, more likely to cause decay. Children caused by brushing negligence or bad eating habits. Children's bad feeding habits; water bottle sleep are the culprit of dental caries.

Three stages of dental caries:
    1. Usually begins just after the cariated occurred in the inner enamel. At this time, the tooth surface will spot with small holes, but the patient can not feel pain.
    2. to extend to the cariated dentin, patients will have aching feeling.
    3. If the decay more inward destruction to the pulp, that will lead to pulpitis, and you will feel much painful, even can't normal eating.

    Please pay attention to the maintenance of your teeth, if the pain occurs, do seek medical attention as soon as possible.