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U-family dentists win awards in Dental Case Competition

-Youth doctors case display contest of private oral enterprises in Guangdong Province,2016. Two doctors in U-family dental clinic win Gold Award and Silver Award.

    This year's Guangdong Provincial Oral Contest was held on the morning of November 15th. The competition is mainly for young dentists under the age of 40 in Guangdong Province. At the same time, the two categories of orthodontics and synthesis are carried out in main and vice meeting-place simultaneously. This competition uses the special scoring method for the first time, that is, the combination of subject experts rating and the audiences rating. The local dental experts in Shenzhen, associate professor Man Yee, Dental implant director of West China Stomatology Hospital, from Sichuan University, are in the integrated group and serve as judges.

    A total of more than 40 medical institutions submitted 82 cases for this competition (more than 40% of the cases were outside of Shenzhen). The doctors of U-family dental, Dr. Andrew and Dr. Zeng, represented the young dentists of the clinic, participate in the contest. After the fierce competition, two doctors reach the final. They give wonderful speech in the final scene at the same day. In the end, Dr. Andrew win the first place in this year's Comprehensive Case Display Contest. The two doctors win gold award and silver award respectively.

    Our U-family dental doctors have been awarded the honor of Guangdong Province Case Contest for 6 consecutive years. The clinic health care team supports each other in the process of this contest, promotes each other, strives for perfection, creates the honor together, and shares the joy! The  aim of U-family dental is to create happiness, passing happiness!