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Cover story:Dr.Chen Jing

    --Special report on the cover of the 2017.3 issue of the 《Oral physician》journal of Guangdong Private Dental Association

    Dr. Chen Jing, a talented woman of West China University of Medical Sciences, an oral implantology master in clinic, has been working hard in stomatology clinic for 17 years. She is full of love and hot pillow for people. And she is a professional and exquisite oral expert.

    In 2008, Dr. Chen Jing and Dr. Zhao Yong founded the Chen Jing dental clinic (U-family dental) in Shenzhen. They made the dental clinic with the idea of creating happiness. Let "you will support pain, quality of life, humanistic care" into their daily work. Dr. Chen Jing has gotten a sense of achievement and patients' trust.

    Adhering to the spirit of "Century west, gold mouth", the clinic has received more than 30 guests from other countries and regions and has attracted outstanding foreign doctors to join the team. The clinic got the praise of "German double technology, naturally forming" gave by guests because of professional services.

    After work, Dr. Chen Jing keen academic seminar. Dental implant cases got the gold award twice in the competition of "Excellent case show competition" of Guangdong Private Dental Association in the year of 2012 and 2013. She participated in writing 《Aesthetic basis of dental implant》and 《Application of finite element analysis in dental implant》 and other medical books; She joined the Private Dental Association Standing Committee of Guangdong province the governing unit and serves as director of association of Shenzhen City Medical Department of Stomatology branch; What's more, she is the member of the stomatological group of behavioral and psychosomatic medicine of Guangdong Medical Association and hospital infection committee of Guangdong Stomatological Association.