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Based on the post,show colorful art-Spring Festival part

    To celebrate the lunar New Year's Eve, U-family dental 2017 Spring Festival party was successfully held in Chongqing hall which is Sichuan Chamber of Commerce in Futian district of Shenzhen on January 9th. The Spring Festival party theme is" Based on the post, show colorful art". Members carefully prepared their own skilled programs, so that the activities of the scene were brilliant and bustling and filled with New Year's joyous!

    The annual meeting was presided over by Qu Changqin and Dr. Yuan, clinic members, Nanshan District private medical party branch secretary Chen and Lee, as well as family members participated the party. Chen Jing physician, Cai Yongbo physician, Liu Zhifang and Yu Zhen cooperate "Tigers" the first wonderful debut, perform a happy "green apple paradise" song and dance, devoted to the dance to win everyone cheers.

    Yu Hong, Liu Zhifang showed original pieces of "Journey to the West: Via daughter country", funny nonsense, played the smart intelligent "Tang" and creative novel journey legend.

    From Ukraine physician Andrew, he showed a professional dance with his family, the professional dance absorbed the audience's pupils which didn't turn. Secretary Chen sang "It is my fate to meet you", our clinic members recite the poem". We march forward courageously "and “Patio Chun-Snow". Then chorus "A Hero Never Dies", "Jade Solid Gold"; Wu xiaodong played the guitar as well as sang "I like it "etc. Qu Changqin and XuYan performed dance to the music. Finally, the nurse representatives of the 5 girls in the performance of “the heart of Thanksgiving”. Movement and expression were consistent and cooperation tacit understanding, which draw a satisfactory full stop for the whole Spring Festival Party.

    Party performance showed the medical workers' colorful art outside of their daily work.

    In the new year, we will continue to play the advantages, excellence with friends to create happiness, embrace health and happiness!