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Dr Zhao Yong attended the German

DGI dental implant academic

event and annual meeting. 

   On 23rd November, Dr Zhao Yong was invited by the German Association of Oral Implantology ( DGI ), Europe's largest organization of oral implantology, to attend the symposium and annual meeting of DGI in Dusseldorf and Kassel, Germany. 

   When Dr Zhao arrived in Germany, he received a warm welcome by German expert Professor Terheyden and his team. The German academic event included three lectures, two complex operation of bone reconstructions, to demonstrate the key to successful bone reconstruction through actual cases and evidence-based medical literature. German Association of Oral Implantology, together with International Team for Implantology( ITI ) and European Association for Osseointegration( EAO ) , are known as the "three giants of the European academy of stomatology". As the first to discover the osteogenesis of autogenous roots, DGI is the authority association in the field of bone reconstruction in stomatology. 
   After the exchange meeting, Dr Zhao visited the Kassel red cross hospital and Met with two former DGI presidents Karl - Ludwig Ackermann and Gerhard M. Iglhaut, experts in dental implant technology certification.In addition, he attended the DGI annual meeting, hosted by J. Lindhe, M. Quirynen, D.Herrera, bringing together representatives of dental implants physician worldwide. 

   On December 3, 10 days of German dental implant academic activities completed successfully. After coming back , Dr Zhao shared the German dental experts rigorous medical style, Professional technology, as well as new technical information in this exchange and his experience of this visit with clinic medical colleagues.
   In the 10th year of clinic opening, the clinic will continue to promote the service concept and advanced technology of dental medicine in the new year, to give play the advantages of Century west China dentist ,and bring health and happiness to all patients.