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Wy10 Chairside Whitening Procedure Kit


Wy10 Chairside Whitening Procedure Kit
     The wy10 Chairside Procedure Kit is designed for the busy and discerning dentists.  It enables dentists to carry out chairside whitening procedures on their patients with maximum results and minimum effort.  The wy10 Chairside kit comes in two parts - 1) an accessory box containing all the required consumables and 2) a Chairside gel syringe in an aluminium sealed pocket.   The gel is packed separately to facilitate its storage inside a fridge.  

     The wy10 Chairside gel contains the wy10 patented organic activator and is scientifically proven to remove stain move effectively than the leading brand.  The syringe uses an opaque double barrel design to store the two active ingredients – the bleaching gel and the activator -in stable states inside two separate barrels.  The bleaching power is only unleashed when the two ingredients are mixed at the point of delivery.
     The double barrel construction and the mixing tip is a Swiss patented design.  Its precision construction enables the two active ingredients to mix quickly and easily in accurate proportion.  Crucially, the resulting gel is instantly activated and has a pH of 10 which is alkaline and very safe on enamel.
     Each wy10 Chairside kit comes with clear instructions supported by colour illustrations.  It contains a generous 5ml of bleaching gel (25% hydrogen peroxide mixed), 2ml of isolation dam specially formulated for whitening procedure, 3ml of Vitamin-E soothing and protecting gel, 8 gauze pieces (2" x 2"), face bibs, micro brushes and cotton buds.

    A complete kit for Chairside whitening procedure.
    Designed for ease of use and fast application.
    Contains scientifically proven activator which enhances stain removal efficacy.
    Low sensitivity formulation.
    Purer form of peroxide encourages fast reaction.
    Designed to use with wy10 Thermal Diffusers to save chair time.
    Compatible with wy10 Home treatment kits.


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