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How to make teeth whitening?

    How to make teeth whitening? Now Shenzhen U-family dental clinic introduces for you one by one. Development of teeth whitening has 200 years of history, but the early use of reagent and concentration can’t reach the safety of the whitening effect. Because of the progress of the pharmaceutical research and the development of luminescent and laser for nearly ten years, the teeth whitening becomes a new trend. Although the reagents and equipments have been progressed and improved, the safety of teeth whitening must be checkuped by professional dentists to achieve the best effect.

    If you want to have healthy white teeth column, we must have detailed examination of the oral cavity in first, including tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontal disease and oral filler assessment. If the dental caries are not filling, dental caries or poor filling material and the tooth surface produced by micro leakage phenomenon, it often causes necrosis of sensitive teeth or dental pulp nerve when direct whitening teeth. If the patient was diagnosed for tooth week disease and associated with the phenomenon of cementum root exposures, whitening process may will cause root absorption. According to clinical experience, only one tenth of the patients can be directly used for teeth whitening without the disease. Most of the patients need to receive treatment before tooth whitening.If clinical dentists ignore patient current problems in order to save the time and cost, the pain and discomfort of the patients will be more serious and even cause tooth damage.

    There are many reasons for tooth discoloration.Such as tea, coffee, areca, tobacco and other food coloring is the most common.Tooth whitening treatment is the best for this type of external stain.Not every condition can use whitening treatment. If it is because of drugs such as tetracycline that causes by discoloration of the teeth, it can reach the different effect for treatment according to the different degree of staining .The first and secondary color can be improved by the whitening teeth. If the third and four color process,it can whiten first and then be merged with porcelain veneer or directly use full ceramic crown in order to achieve the effect of being beautiful and lasting. If the tooth is by infection trauma or other congenital variation caused by dyeing  during the development, , you can’t use whitening to achieve satisfactory results.

    Teeth whitening is popular in nearly two years.Some people have tried a variety of whitening method.Some people worry about the safety and still wait for it. Anyway,with the assessment and service of professional dentist, you can avoid unnecessary harm and spend.