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The importance of dentures

    Do you know how important of the dentures? Many people's teeth is no dentures after loss or removal, thus, the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth area will be tilted to this gap,the lateral teeth of the missing tooth area also extend into the space, which makes the upper and lower occlusal relations change, and the balance of the bite force is destroyed. For these reasons, the formation of some teeth with a heavy load may cause periodontal disease. At the same time, the adjacent teeth will be gradually released, so that the gap between the increase,not only easy to plug things, and will further cause periodontal disease, to promote the premature tooth loss.

    In addition, missing teeth are not installed on denture will affecting the facial appearance, the formation of muscle relaxation, facial depression, very unsightly, so will have an impact of the psychological, become shy. At the same time, also at the alveolar bone missing teeth dentures for failing to be absorbed (because in the absence of bones will shrink under the functional status), alveolar bone is reduced, it will affect the stability and the difficulties of making the dentures.We can briefly analysis the purpose of downloading dentures:

    1. Maintain complete teeth dentition: Pretend teeth can avoid the teeth adjacent to the tilt to the gap, maintain close relations and integrity between the teeth.

    2. Recovery of chewing function: to restore the balance of bite force in the mouth, so that the average strength of the force scattered in the teeth and its support tissue, not due to the excessive burden of some teeth caused by periodontal disease.

    3. Recovery the complete pronunciation function : so as to avoid tooth loss, speak not clear and the pronunciation is not accurate.

    4. Recovery the face appearance function: to restore or improve the lip fullness and reconstructing facial appearance, because of the restoration of the beautiful can further improve patient's psychological and the reconstruction of patient's confidence.

    5. Avoid excessive growth of the lateral teeth, disturbance on the occlusal relationship of the lower and upper jaw.

    Dentures when necessary, it can play a big role as an integral part of the body.