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What complication the Wisdom teeth may cause?


    1, dental caries
    Wisdom teeth impacted or dislocation will cause the food impaction residue in the periodontal gap of the second molar and wisdom teeth , is not easy to remove, often lead to dental caries. According to the survey, the second molar teeth neck of the mandibular,caries rate was 16.4% in average. Different age stages of caries prevalence rate are significantly different, at the age of 20, caries rate only 3.7%, 50 years old is as high as 27%. Obviously, it is very important to remove the impacted or dislocation wisdom teeth to prevent the second molar caries, and it also makes the relatively shallow caries which have occurred  no longer develop.   

    2, the irregular dentition
    14-18 years old is the most active period when the wisdom tooth initiation, but due to the imbalance between bone and teeth, the space is limited for wisdom tooth adorable .Therefore, wisdom tooth adorable movement impetus is one of the main reasons to cause the crowded teeth and the irregular dentition. This adorable sustained impetus movement as long as reach to 4 ~ 5 grams, can influence the second molar.Therefore, dislocation and torsion of the second molar is more common, accounting for about 20% of the patients with dentofacial deformities, of which about 80% occur in the mandibular second molar; mainly the youngsters, and female is about 1.6 times of the male. dislocation of second molar will reduce the contact area of the upper and lower jaw, so that people chew function decreased.   

    3, cause inflammation resorption of alveolar bone
    During the mandibular third molar tooth germ development, the long axis of tooth is inclined forward, only have enough space for mandibular development, it will gradually erect adorable , when a process blocked in second molar teeth, it will produces the broken cells which attached to the second molar teeth root surface. Teeth broken cells release soluble protein and the root absorbed gradually, serious cases can make the mandibular second molar distal root absorbed totally. In addition, chronic periodontitis of the second molar and impacted teeth can also cause the alveolar bone have Inflammatory resorption.   

    4, temporomandibular joint disorder
  Mandibular impaction or misplacement often have jaw interference with the maxillary second molars and mandibular, which caused pathological retraction,it is one of the reasons that induced temporomandibular joint disorder. The main clinical manifestations include the temporomandibular joint clicking, pain and mandibular movement abnormalities, masticatory muscle pain, tinnitus, sore tongue and other symptoms. Many patients who have extract the impaction or misplacement of the wisdom teeth ,would achieved obvious effect because it blocks the potential factors which induced temporomandibular joint disorders .   

    5, cystic lesions around wisdom teeth
    cystic lesions of the Jaw odontogenic occur in the impacted teeth not adorable, and the mandibular wisdom tooth adorable have a higher blocked probability , is clearly the main predilection sites, when the cyst develops to a certain degree, the jaw may occur to bulge deformation, secondary infection, repeated pain, severe cases can cause pathological fracture.   

    6,  precancerous lesion occurred in the oral mucosa
    The gums and buccal mucosa of Impacted and dislocation wisdom teeth , due to the long-term mechanical  stimulus or repeatedly bites to the crown edge, may make the mucosa pathological damage, erosion, ulcer tissue dysplasia and leukoplakia. Such a long time, these will affect the normal keratinizing of Oral mucosal epithelium have precancerous lesion, and then induced oral carcinogenesis.