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Microscope assisted root canal therapy

    I believe many people have many of the same experience, when toothache physicians with you said "teeth to root canal therapy" is thought generally traditional root canal therapy. 

   Using microscopic root canal treatment is the use of the microscope's auxiliary , the use of "microscope magnification" feature,physicians in the treatment can be seen in a more in-depth site, through the micro amplification can be as to the naked eye can not see the parts. The doctors and patients to discuss directly with the treatment status, increase the sense of trust between doctors and patients. 
   How is the traditional root canal treatment ?
   Traditional root canal therapy, doctors would open a hole in our teeth at first ,and then "follow the feeling "use dental treatment tools in their teeth to keep drilling ,due to our teeth root canal is very small, in the traditional root canal therapy, physician vision is limited, can not be completely with the naked eye see further tiny, so the doctor really can only "by feeling" in root canal therapy,so in the course of treatment, many patients may appear inflammation from apical exudation caused by bone inflammation, finally had to tooth pulled .
   Traditionally, the basic steps in the removal of the nerve in the teeth are as follows:
   The length of each nerve root canal must be measured accurately.
   Dental medical equipment to be cleaned, expanding and shaping.
   With special materials such as: the nerve root canal to do meticulous filling.
   What kind of symptom is suitable for the use of “microscope assisted root canal therapy" .
Suitable for person who could not use the traditional root canal therapy;such as root canal calcification, curved root canal, root canal bifurcation, root canal need to be retreated, need to remove the nail column, root canal hole repair, root tip molding, apical surgery, etc.. Clinical evaluation of the majority of patients treated with root canal therapy, under the microscope can obtain a better treatment effect.