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Micro root canal therapy

    The international dental profession uses a wide range of microscopic devices as follows :

    1, Zeiss microscope: Germany --Zeiss optics manufacturers produced Pico microscope.

    2, Global microscope: the US "Global" company produces microscopic,as the United States share of the first microscopes.

    3, Seiler microscope, and the main purpose of the treatment of root canal treatment are as follows: 

    Looking for calcified canals: molars 3-6 root canals using microscopic root canal can find the hidden root canal.

    Remove the fracture crack: when the root canal instrument fracture, can use the micro ultrasonic instrument and with the help of the microscope, remove the broken equipment. 

    Repair root canal broken hole: the root canal hole, can use the repair material MTA, laser and cooperate with the microscope, the root canal hole early repair.

    Remove stud: When the original root canal treatment have a problem, you can use microscopic ultrasound equipment, stud removal system Ruddle Kit, etc., remove the stud, when there are some problem with the root canal, will re-treatment.