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Root canal therapy, retaining valuable natural teeth

    When it comes to root canal therapy, Taiwan dental industry has a vivid saying called "pumping nerve”, is extracted in inflamed lesions of tooth nerve. It’s  a traditional methods in the treatment of pulpitis and periapical periodontitis. For root canal dysplasia, instrument rupture during treatment , root canal wall perforating and root canal filling not congruent, patients are often advised extraction treatment. 

    And the use of surgical microscopy of the root canal treatment, can be considered "should be removed from the teeth" to get a life, and the new treatment of high safety, high success rate, is a revolutionary breakthrough in root canal treatment. 

    Shenzhen U-Family dental clinic micro root canal treatment of skilled, medical team tacit cooperation, with professional and advanced microscopy for the treatment of patients. 

    Traditional root canal therapy, physicians in the surgery only by virtue of experience and feeling, some small parts of the root canal in the treatment may be missing, which is one of the main reasons for the low success rate of root canal treatment. 

    Microsurgical root canal therapy is a method of root canal therapy with the aid of surgical microscope and microscope, the biggest difference with the traditional root canal treatment is that the operating microscope can provide a very good source of light into the root canal, and the root canal system can be enlarged so that the surgeon can see the internal structure of the root canal. Make sure the treatment area, treatment under direct vision,to prevent the root canal treatment in the process of root canal wall perforation, the root canal internal broken needles and other accidents, and immediately check the quality of treatment. 

    Picture: Dr. Chen Jing (Right) and Zheng Qiuhong head nurse (Left) Microsurgical treatment of root canal therapy for patients 

    Another difference with the traditional root canal treatment is that the micro root canal treatment is more stringent requirements for the dentist. Microscopic root canal treatment of physicians generally have to go through three months to six months of clinical adaptation period to skilled operation, and to pay more than the conventional patience and perseverance. 

    The equipment needed for this treatment is usually equipped with developed provinces and cities. Shenzhen U-Family dental clinic with root canal microscope is the high level of instrument ,the clinic is also one of the very few in Shenzhen with a microscope to enter the dental clinic. Clinical physician team after careful training , participated in many microscopic root canal surgery,qualifications and conditions for the development of micro root canal therapy .The emergence of micro root canal therapy,some of the teeth that were thought to have been removed will eventually be retained,to seek more benefits for patients with oral cavity ,promote the development of domestic dental industry.