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Importance of microsurgical root canal therapy


    Microscope has been used in dental root canal therapy since 90s, so far in the United States and Europe has more than 90% of the use of dental pulp disease specialist.The American Dental Association and the Chinese Association of dental pulp disease were also included in the microscope endodontic treatment specialist training essential,the importance of visible microscopy in root canal therapy.In recent years, the development of microscope in root canal therapy is also becoming mature in Shenzhen.

    The use of the microscope can provide up to 30 times magnification and a brighter view, endodontic internal anatomical structure of amplification, and the collocation of ultrasound and microsurgical instruments, to assist the clinician in the whole course of treatment, make correct diagnosis, indeed the debrided root tube, reduce the damage to the teeth, while improving the root canal treatment efficiency and success rate.

    In the root canal treatment and treatment of the disease, the microscope assisted treatment is more essential. Clinicians can be recognized under the microscope: root canal system is still left with debris? Old filling material is completely removed? If there are omissions have a root canal? Or other such as root perforations, instruments, breaking away from the other more complex problems. Specialists with microscopes have the opportunity to correct these problems, to complete a higher degree of root canal treatment, to improve the success rate of treatment and to improve the survival rate of patient’s teeth.

    If the tooth is the indication of surgical treatment of the root canal, it is the direct solution of the lesion of the pulp by the operation of the apical region,using a microscope can help surgeons to identify the organization of relative anatomical location and avoid injury to important nerves and blood vessels, and reduce the operation area, a complete removal of the disease, reduce tooth tissue quality etc., damage and reduce the postoperative discomfort. Compared with the traditional endodontic surgery, microsurgery have higher success rate.

    Summary of the above, the use of the microscope allows the traditional treatment can not be retained to retain the teeth, so that dental treatment is more perfect, it is an integral part of the specialized treatment of the ring.