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What dental diseases troubled You

    Do you know what kind of tooth disease is still produced in the mouth that people clean every day? Statistics show that, 6 billion people brushing carefully every day , but 90% still have dental diseases ,it is an alarming data.Each year, 30 thousand people consult teeth diseases, and there are 60 million teeth pulled out.80 million people suffered from dental diseases, every year 100 million people will appear bleeding gums,40% of the people because of the gap between the teeth is too large to pick teeth after meals, above 65 years old person missing teeth, the average number is 10-11 teeth, it shows that the dental symptom so serious.
1.The case of bleeding gums
    Performance as brushing bleeding, eating hemorrhage (such as sugar cane, Apple), often bleeding gums are the typical symptoms of periodontitis. Illustrate the gingival tissue inflammation, the consequences are periodontal ulceration, infection of alveolar bone, until the tooth becomes loose or even fall off.

2.The tooth is very sensitive to cold , hot and sour
    Showed a slight touch cold things will ache, a tingling sensation, and even headaches, unbearable, something hot to eat,sour touch the teeth, the teeth will suddenly lose touch, very afflictive. Tooth sensitivity that teeth has been a serious problem, if you remove the dental diseases can be found in the internal teeth tend to have formed hollow teeth thinning, dental pulp disappeared alveolar bone directly connected on a nerve. Plainly is teeth only a shell . The consequences are the teeth will be shorter, easy to wear, bite, to a certain age will appear teeth falling out.

3.Continued pain in the teeth, a touch of pain
    Showed continuous or intermittent pain. Painkillers can only be used for temporary pain relief, time interval and pain, or a touch pain, anti-inflammatory drugs on the surface appears to be cured, every period of time and attack, palliative and pain more and more frequent. It is shown that the inflammatory injuries to the pulp. The consequences are tooth nerve, once damaged, the teeth from the root necrosis will fall off.

4.The teeth become shorter, left only residual roots.
    Performance for the teeth are shorter, leaving only the root, completely lost the ability to chew. The reason is tooth severe loss of nutrients, resulting in overall change of teeth and wear resistance decreased. Residual root tooth is often a precursor, his appearance indicates the entire tooth system will be degraded, a large area of the tooth shedding is coming.

5.Teeth loose, shaking
    Teeth loosening is often accompanied by pain, if the teeth loose not pain, the problem is more serious, which means teeth from the root up the broken. Loose teeth general process is relatively slow, just start a little loose, then more and more loose, even rocked back and forth. The reason is periodontal inflammation or gingival atrophy, 90% of the people in the trouble of teeth loosening after the final results is tooth pulled out.

6.The gap between the teeth increases, plug the teeth when eating
    Most people know that the gaps between the teeth become larger from  the teeth plug began .When eating, the gaps between teeth is larger, the higher the chance of teeth plug.The serious situations picking teeth while eating ,and whatever you eat ,you didn't feel comfortable.
    We can check once every six months, go to a regular hospital to find a professional dentist to do a dental examination, to nip in the bud.