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What is micro root canal therapy

    Root canal therapy (commonly known as smoke or nerve root DU) is to preserve the teeth, maintain the function as the main purpose, and the use of technological tools - microscopy, mechanical drive devices and ultrasound can assist doctors to see more clearly, also of good root tube, greatly reduced as a result of probability can not be treated without extraction.

    Microscope for root canal treatment in Europe and the United States has more than 10 years of history. In order to improve the treatment effect and patient experience, U-Family Dental clinic introduced the most advanced dental microscope, looking forward to improve the level of root canal treatment.
    Distinguish the microscopic root canal therapy and traditional root canal therapy, the biggest difference is: the microscopic root canal treatment has great advantages as following:
    (1) the microscope can enlarge the tooth of the patient, and provide sufficient light source to deep root canal, so that the deep part can also be seen clearly.
    (2) to confirm the location of the root canal and the operation, to find the calcified root canal, reduce the uncertainty of treatment, and reduce the occurrence of the failure.
    (3) no longer by feeling and experience to do treatment.
    (4) the past many must be pulled out teeth, for example: root perforation, and can use the microscope for life.

Mechanical drive type (Engine-driven) instrument:
    Root canal preparation process is the basic step of root canal treatment,is also the main target, including the complete debridement of pulp tissue, biological and infective dentin removal, and maintain the original root canal type.Our hospital dental application of mechanical driving devices is highly elastic metal made by Nickel-Titanium. Compared with the traditional apparatus, it has a stronger anti fatigue, not only can reduce root canal treatment of migration opportunities, but also can effectively cope with curved root canal.

Microsurgical treatment of root canal:
    Microscope and application in root canal operation, through the use of a microscope can examine the apical region, and the use of ultrasound to prompt preparation needs to fill the cavities.The microscope has greatly enhanced our visibility and operation, so that the root tip is accurate, and the range of osteotomy is small, which can fill up the reverse filling accurately.