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The Approach


Stage 1 – Your initial appointment with an implant surgeon. Our implant surgeon will undertake a thorough examination of your mouth, including the taking of radiographs if this is felt to be necessary.

Stage 2 – Your next appointment with an implant surgeon. By the time of your second appointment, your implant surgeon will have produced a detailed written report outlining the treatment they recommend. They will explain this at length, ensuring you have a full understanding of what is going to be done, how long it will take and what it will cost.

Stage 3 – Your third appointment with an implant surgeon This is the appointment at which your implant will be put in place by your implant surgeon.

Stage 4 – Your fourth appointment with an implant surgeon. Once the implant has healed, which should take between eight and twelve weeks, your implant surgeon will attach a crown to the implant.