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How long dentures be installed after dental implant?

    Many patients worry about dental implant after a long time to wear dentures.It will bring a lot of inconvenience in daily diets. How long can be installed dentures after dental implants ? Shenzhen U-family dental clinic can now do dentures immediately after dental implant in order to facilitate the patients daily diet,also be named by" instantly implant dentures after dental implant ".

    Dental implant can be generally divided into two stages. The first stage is that the implant will be planted within alveolar bone and begin the second stage after 3 ~ 4 months, Then it connects the implant and installed dentures. If the patients are in good bone condition, dentist can implant the dentures while dental implants ,which is called “instantly implant dentures after dental implant” .After that ,your teeth can be immediately by force or make for dentures to maintain appearance and masticatory function.