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U-family dental:the professional dental implant in SZ

    Shenzhen U-family dental is a professional dental clinic. It has a professional dental implant team, which is using the most advanced dental implant technology.It can instantly implant teeth,which greatly improve the efficiency of dental implant and save the time of patients. Minimally invasive plant is like a micro plastic. Although it is a kind of surgery, the wound is small and the amount of bleeding is relatively reduced a lot. What’s more,relative anesthetic dose also reduces to a trace, letting the vast majority of patients with only mild swelling and be convenient for patients in their daily diet.It is because the wound is small that alveolar bone who were in good condition can immediately put on dentures and greatly shorten the time of treatment.

    After tooth extraction, the dentist will tell you that your jaw bones are too weak and this is the time to make gum increased surgery or alveolar bone,which is the gum traction operation, then the dental implantation can be performed. But it is the long and arduous process that lets people come to a standstill. Shenzhen U-family dental clinic has implant devices synchronized in Europe and the United States and has rich experience in minimally invasive dental implant for decades. As long as the patient’s alveolar bone are in good condition and has 1/5-1/8 gums after assessment, then can do minimally invasive dental implant and not through the LDCT and 3D navigation with the risk of cancer.

    Shenzhen U-family dental clinic emphasizes the experience and the quality of implant, which saves a lot of unnecessary toss. So 5-10 minutes is not exaggerated or is a typical case. The clinic provide you with safe treatment and the professional treatment of dental implant service.