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The attention of dental implant

1.What is the material of implant?
    Orthodontic implant (bone nail) is a highly biocompatible titanium alloy with less tissue reaction and no harm to human body.Implant correction is a kind of orthodontic treatment, which is widely used in clinical practice in recent years.Implant correction is corrective device implanted in alveolar bone, borrow from the device as a force application point to pull teeth, in order to achieve the required tooth movement, and further strengthen the orthodontic treatment effect, to be corrected the completion of treatment is from the mouth out. This device for correction to temporarily implanted in alveolar bone called implants (bone nail).
2.What problems may be encountered in implant orthodontic implants?
    The process of implant placement is not difficult, but because of individual differences, also the differences of anatomical structure and bone hardness, when implanted implant may have the risk of fracture or touch to the root of the teeth. After the operation, it may also be caused by some reasons of the implant loose.
    When the implant is implanted, it may cause the buccal mucosa hyperplasia, resulting in the final implant is wrapped in a soft tissue, this time your doctor may give you a local anesthetic, the implant will be removed or the soft tissue for local excision.
    If the implant is loose,at first must find out the reasons for the loosening,if not because of poor oral hygiene then cause of infection inflammation or the bone is too soft,a new orthodontic implant is usually in 2-4 weeks can be placed in the vicinity of the original implant.
3.What should be paid attention to after implanting the implant?
    Implant placement is only a minor operation, but it still needs to be performed under local anesthesia. There is still a wound in the mouth of the implant, and there may be one or two days of discomfort, and probably cause infection. If necessary, after the operation need to take medication according to the doctor instructions and use rinse slobber.
    In the whole course of treatment, the implant must be treated as a general tooth,and scrubbed clean to maintain a good condition. Otherwise it may be cause inflammation, and may even cause implant shedding.
    Although the implant is small, there will still be a sense of foreign matter, it will take some time to fully adapt.