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Andrew Rudovskiy


Visiting doctor


Educational Summary and Certifications:

Bachelor’s degree in Dental care from Kiev National Medical University, Ukraine 2003-2006

Master’s degree in Dentistry from Kiev National Medical University, Ukraine 2006-2008

Certification course in Endodontic Hands-on Training from Dentsply Dental Care 2010

Certification course in Preventive Care from Dentsply Dental Care 2011

Certification course in Endodontic Treated Teeth Rehabilitation Tokuyama Dental 2012

Certification course in Endodontic Treatment from DentLine Ukraine 2011

Certification course in Instrumental Teeth Treatment and Filling from DentLine 2012

Certification course in Endodontic Hands-on Treatment from Dentsply Dental Care 2009

Certification from Endodontic Conference of Dr.Arnaldo Castellucci 2009


Professional Experience:



Denta World Dental Clinic

Kiev, Ukraine


 Treated patients with endodontic problems by adhering to the highest standard

 Dental practice ethics and professionalism


 Examined, diagnosed and treated diseases of dental pulps and periapical tissues of teeth


  Responsible for evaluating findings and prescribing methods of treatment to prevent loss of teeth and to restore the function of teeth


Assigned the tasks of traveling to multiple offices in the region to perform specialized clinical treatments


Maintained good relationships with professional groups, dental associations and dental societies to represent Alba in the local community


Performed other related tasks as required